Current Projects


Sustaining Alternative Links beyond Arms and the Military

Why are the European and North American relationships with the Middle East & North Africa so dependent on arms sales? And what could be achieved if we had the vision to redefine security in broader constructive and collaborative terms?

SALAM invites leading and emerging voices in Middle East security to present and debate their ideas in a series of round-table discussions from which synthesis papers will be produced.

PRISME Directory

Connecting academics of sustainable Middle East security

The PRISME initiative is in the process of compiling a directory of scholars and practitioners working on issues of sustainable security in the MENA region.

As in our own projects, we aim to promote a diversity of thought from the Middle East & North Africa, North America and Europe.

If you would like to be included in the directory or learn more about it, please complete our interest form via the button below.

Future Projects

Young Residencies

Bringing together the next generation of critical security visionaries

Another long-term goal of the PRISME initiative is to provide a place for emerging scholars considering sustainable security in the Middle East & North Africa to develop their ideas among peers from diverse backgrounds.

While this branch of our work remains an aspiration at present, we will continue to explore routes to make it a reality.

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