SALAM Debate 1: The Role of the Arms Trade

In the first round of the SALAM project, participants each submitted 2,000-word essays on the following subject:

“What role does the arms trade play in bilateral and multilateral ties between countries in North America, Europe and the MENA region?”

On Friday April 14, 2023, participants met for an online round-table debate, under the guidance of the three SALAM expert associates. Each expert launched a section of the debate by framing one of the following polemic starting points for discussion:

  • “The arms trade successfully ensures security in the MENA region”.
  • “The arms trade is an efficient diplomatic tool to nudge partners in a preferred direction”.
  • Does the arms trade have a role to play in building better future collaboration among Middle Eastern actors?

Published July 2023

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The Essays

Expert Associates



SALAM is part of the broader project Revitalizing Debate on the Global Arms Trade from the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University.

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