SALAM Debate 3: Impacts of Militarized Foreign Policy

In the third round of the SALAM project, participants each submitted 2,000-word essays on the following subject:

What are the impacts of militarized foreign policy, and how does it affect the emergence of different approaches to issues like migration and terrorism?

On Friday April 26, 2024, participants met for an online round-table debate, under the guidance of SALAM expert associates. The debate was divided into two sections headed by the following titles:

  • “The militarization of foreign policy within the MENA region: trends & outcomes”.
  • “Ins & outs of militarized approaches to the MENA region from outside powers”.

Expert Associates



SALAM is part of the broader project Revitalizing Debate on the Global Arms Trade from the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University.

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